The Unique, New and Exciting Event of Secret Room Club – LA SAPE

Introducing the most awaited Wednesday night of the week where you get to dress in your finest suit to blend with the finest people. Secret Room Club hosts a night where you show off your unique sense of fashion and style.

What is La Sape?

Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégante or also known as La Sape, meaning in English –the Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People. Moreover, SAPE in French also means “clothes” or sapé meaning “dressed up”. This concept literally came from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How La Sape Came to the Public

The streets of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo have witnessed plenty of violence and suffering over the years. But a group of local “sapeurs” known as the fashionistas decided to lift spirits and celebrate life by following the concept of “dress to impress”. Furthermore, La Sape is their way to resist French colonialism. In the late 19th century, servants were often paid by their wealthy employers in clothing instead of money. So, they began to embrace the European dress style as a means of combating their colonial superiority. In fact, there’s more than style and pride in La Sape; it’s a lifestyle trend and a philosophy based in a way of living.

How to dress in La Sape

The dress code typically includes three-piece tailored suits paired with shiny leather shoes or sports and casual clothes. You can also wear eccentric accessories and large felt hats. La Sape surpasses fashion. It’s an immaculately political and peaceful way of living and the elegance of the demeanors.

La Sape in the Secret Room Club

You do not only get to dress up, but you also get to party with the sure elites. After long hours of work or a busy day, you will get the chance to restart and refresh your energy at Secret Room Club, as the magic starts to tickle every bit of your dancing cells to party your heart out. The venue is surrounded by state of the art sound and lighting that has been carefully designed only by the region’s industry leader, ensuring a high quality experience for every client.

The Epitome of Partying in Style and Luxury

The whole venue boasts 18th century style including antique candelabrums, a hand-painted mural, and intricate crown moldings. The beautifully made carbon rose gold avant-garde is an unforgettable centerpiece designed by the renowned architect Paolo Ferrari. Experience a comfortable seat like a boss with Secrete Room Club’s ultra-modern sofas and transparent tables, the interior design is unlike any other experienced in Dubai.

The Best Time to Party

There’s never a dull night at Secret Room Club.  Party starts at 11pm onwards every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. La Sape event is every Wednesday of the week so, get on with it and start showcasing your elegantly eccentric yet luxurious STYLE and experience one-of-a-kind Dubai secret nightlife.

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