Dubai Secret Nightlife Events

Dubai Secret Nightlife Events: Exploring the Award Winning Secret Party Spot

Life can never be boring if you learn how to party wildly. Don’t just wait for the weekend, there is always something to celebrate: your accomplishments, a job well done or even your existence. Dubai’s partying scene is thriving. No matter what day is it, there is always a brilliant night out in this city especially when it comes to Dubai secret nightlife events. There are many swanky nightclubs and fancy bars in Dubai, most of them are located in hotels. With the booming of the nightlife, parties and events, cities have come up with a variety of events tailored for each person’s unique needs. In this blog, we will share with you the weekly events of one of the most intriguing hidden party spots in one of Dubai secret nightlife events where elites come to party exclusively.

Why Secret Room Dubai

A boutique nightclub concept born in the heart of Moscow, Secret Room has been the favorite spot of the party crowd. Despite being secret, many have proven that this is the most unique, exclusive, elegant and the REAL VIP club. You don’t find the regular DJs of usual clubs; at Secret Room, DJS are handpicked and are guaranteed to provide a party like no other!


Every Tuesday

Level up your party spirit and enjoy Secret Room’s new music concept – LA FORMULA. Expect endless Latin music infused with R&B and Hip-Hop mixes from the renowned Mr. Levier every Tuesday.

Every Wednesday

Get hooked with our Wednesday dose of pure elegance and in a luxurious ambiance – LA SAPE! Dress up with your best attire as Wednesday night is all about your STYLE. LA SAPE stands for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes meaning Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People. Driven by self-expression, creativity and fashion, LA SAPE time is swanky dress-up time!

Every Thursday

Find yourself engrossed in a stunning Blacklisted event. How? There’s one way to find out. So, come and check how we do it with Lucasdirty and Devon Kosoko.

Every Friday

This classified event is only for classified people and now you have the chance to party with the high classified elites. Enjoy the utmost VIP treatment with fancy champagne in your hand as DJ Kidy and Sugar plays their impressive RNB and Hip Hop music mixes.

Get ready to party!

Local events in your city help you socialize with your group and it also let you rejuvenate and unwind. Dance to the beats and explore the awesome and cool parties only in one of Dubai secret nightlife events – THE SECRET ROOM. Awarded for Excellence in Hospitality Design, Secret Room Dubai offers you a fresh atmosphere, vibrant ambiance and quality service that no one else has! Don’t believe it? Try and see for yourself how more and more people are getting their hair down at this swanky club. Get in touch with us for more!

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