The Hidden Prestigious Party Spot in Dubai Nightlife

The city of gold is not only famous for its shopping extravaganzas and architectural grandeur, but also for its vibrant and exotic nightlife. It has a hostile environment to host a safe and secure yet wild nightlife experience. The UAE regularly hosts events and parties with some of the most in-demand artists in the world including Carl Cox, 50 Cent, David Guetta, Justin Timberlake and many more! Dubai’s nightlife has so much to offer when it comes to late-night entertainment. From casual to laidback and from glamorous to elegant, no matter what your mood is for the night, there is something that suits everyone! The most popular bars and nightclubs can be found in hotels and are open until 3 AM. However, a vibrant lifestyle doesn’t come easy and if you’re looking for a party venue where exclusivity is their top priority, Secret Room in Five Palm Jumeirah hotel can give you the party of your life!

For Members Only

This Dubai nightlife venue is known as one of the most exclusive clubs in the international city. Reservation is not enough; you should be a member for you to enter the club! Secret Room Dubai is intently designed for those who value exclusivity. No more waiting in a queue. This well-off club lets you join their family via a membership program. Their packages are customizable as per your specific needs.

Eye-Catching Entrance

The days of a red-carpet entrance are gone, entering with your supercar is the new in! You don’t have to worry about the parking, you can park your car inside the bar.

Elegance and Luxury

The space shouts luxury as you are greeted by a hand-painted mural, swanky 18th century style décor, antique candelabrums and elaborate crown moldings. The fanciness doesn’t stop there; you can enjoy a stunning view of the centerpiece – a rose gold bar – designed by the renowned architect Paolo Ferrari. Clients are carefully selected and the venue is accessed only by fingerprint identification. Safe, secure and of course, a party with the elite only!

Perfect for Late-Night Boogie

As the epitome of true partying style, Secret Room brings out the irresistible party vibe. Get ready to groove as the finest DJs sends off music mixes that will awaken the party beast in you.

Few Notes

  • Dress Smart and Elegant
  • No slippers
  • Drink moderately and responsibly
You may also want to check out our Secret Room Dubai nightlife weekly events for a schedule of nights that suits your mood. Never miss a night of fun that’s truly special and experience a service that’s more than VIP treatment. Secret Room Dubai brings you a night that’s worth remembering.

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