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Secret Room: An AwardWinning Must-Try Nightclub in Dubai

Dubai has an excellent and glamorous nightlife scene with massive choices of Best nightclub in dubai and bars to be enjoyed. It’s one of the biggest attractions for people visiting the city. As a matter of fact, the availability of quality bars and Best nightclubs in Dubai is a top source of fun and leisure for people living in or just visiting Dubai. Whether you are looking to dress up for a night on this golden city or just want to party without the hassles of dressing up, there are plenty of choices to choose from. However, listed below are some of the reasons why many people choose Secret Room Dubai as their favorite party spot and why it has become the most visited Best nightclub in Dubai.

Sophisticated Clubbing Experience

Make your way to the most talked about lot by driving your supercar straight into the new nightlife venue of the super-elites. Located underground at Five Palm Jumeirah, Secret Room is the place infamous for international clubbing experience, a party lounge that is an epitome of true style and luxury.

Enthralling Design and Concept

Pass through a wall filled with graffiti and move forward to explore and see the diamond in the rock! Every detail is carefully arranged to personalize your clubbing experience. The space is equipped with unique and mind-blowing interior designs and façade that will surely let you feel like home. With innovative design and unique gimmick, Secret Room is the only Best nightclub in Dubai where you can enter the nightclub with your luxury car!

Award Winning Club

Winner for Excellence in Hospitality Design, the team prides itself on delivering exceptional service throughout the entire night! Secret Room has been the favorite destination for those who want to liven up their nights.

Mind-Blasting Music and Guests

Played only by Dubai’s finest DJ’s, the Best nightclub in dubai has hypnotizing music and have hosted some of the most prominent international artists offering one of a kind experiences to all those who visit this lounge. Although R&B and Hip Hop are the sole foundation of this all new nightclub in Dubai, they will also go beyond into other soundscapes such as; Reggaeton, Trap, Afro beats, Dancehall House & EDM.

Drive in the Elites Way!

The city of gold is notorious for its luxuriant appeal which is aptly highlighted by Dubai’s nightlife. If you are looking for an extraordinary kind of Best nightclub in dubai, visit the basement of Dubai’s Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and see some serious magic at the bottom of this chic well-off hotel.

Best Nightclub in Dubai

Open from 11PM – 3AM during Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays of the week, get yourself the grandest entrance of your life and drive up your luxury car straight into the pub. Call us today and let’s accommodate you!

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